Thursday, January 3, 2008

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  1. For those of us that yearn for Joy / Truth / the Divine / for Heaven on Earth; For those of us that have been tortured by the sense that all this, and the real Christianity has been kept from us behind some sort of perverted ChristiVoodoo religion, in the way Jesus saw that God was kept from the Jews by some sort of horrible JudoVoodoo religion, YOU WILL BE ECSTATIC to read this work.

    How important is this work?

    If for Gandhi Jesus was the greatest human ever to exist, his hero, his model,

    and if for Gandhi, Tolstoy was Jesus Greatest Living Apostle...

    We seekers had better understand Tolstoy quite well.

  2. The Chapters are deliberately OUT OF SEQUENCE BELOW:
    Preface and Intro
    Ch1, 2
    CH 10, 11, 12
    CH 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
    Why? Because Ch 3-9, although essential, are much more technical. Do what you want but I suggest reading in the order provided below.
  3. I use highlighting for my own study as follows:


    Very Sublime

    Very, Very Sublime

    Very, Very, Very Sublime

  4. With much gratitude I credit the follow site for the entirety of the material: What I Believe. In case you find my highlighting annoying you may wish to go directly to this site.
  5. IF YOU PREFER AUDIO MP3: What I Believe, Leo Tolstoy - mp3 - audio book, What I believe by Leo Tolstoy.

  6. GENERAL NOTE: "If you love me, you will do greater works than these!" After years of study, including years of studying Tolstoy, this work, below leaves me breathless. Having said that, on the one hand he leaves me ashamed at his superior faith that walking Jesus path, following his commandments, will require much less sacrifice, risk and pain than I naturally perceive. However, I believe that Tolstoy greatly underestimates, although he relentlessly and aggressively alludes to, the Heaven, the psychologically HEAVENLY STATE that infallibly coexists with the following of Jesus commandments when done so by surrendering to the HUMANITY, that which is of God within us. AND THIS HEAVENLY STATE "OVERCOMES" ANY AND ALL PHYSICAL SACRIFICE THAT COMES WITH FOLLOWING JESUS COMMANDMENTS, just as Jesus promised, so often in His teachings.

  7. Regarding Tolstoy:

    "The Kingdom of God is Within You" is the reason we know the name Gandhi. Gandhi read this (begin with the last 2 chapters) as a young law student. It entirely changed the direction of his life. Tolstoy's work regarding Jesus became Gandhi's "Bible" in South Africa and India.

    "The Gospel in Brief" is Tolstoy's translation of the Bible. The greatest story ever told - without all the Voodoo added later on.

    "The Law of Love and the Law of Violence," written 2 weeks before his death, was instrumental to Dr. King; a book he read when at Crozier Seminary in his youth.

    Leo Tolstoy - Wikipedia

    The Last Days of Leo Tolstoy

    A Confession

    WikiSource (ESPECIALLY "Essays")

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